Take Your Manufacturing Process to Another Level with Accurate Metal Machining

by Tyron

What is accurate metal machining and why is it important?

Accuracy is important in any metal manufacturing process. Through the use of technology like CNC, accuracy is easy to achieve for most metal machining processes. Factors like metal quality, machine quality, and process used will ultimately affect the results. Metal machining accuracy is the degree that a machine can model, imitate, and match specific measurements of a particular design. In metal machining, you need precision and tolerance as well. Precision means the degree or level of similarity after multiple attempts during the machining process. Accuracy sometimes is mistaken to be synonymous with precision, however, this is not the case. Machining tolerance refers to the deviation between cuts usually specified by the design. If the design requires very consistent units, there will be very minimum deviation allowed. Most machines have a standard tolerance level.

Factors that contribute to CNC machinery accuracy:-

Machine quality: High-quality machine ultimately produces quality and more accurate parts. The machine quality is out of the machinist control is dependent on the manufacturer. To get the best metal accuracy metal machining and a long-lasting machine as well, ensure you purchase a good quality machine. This will not only provide accuracy but will save you money.

Machine condition: Proper care of machine components. Frequently servicing and replacing worn-out parts will help the machine perform and maintain accuracy.

Calibration: machine tools require calibration regularly to maintain accuracy. Position errors caused by friction is a deviation between the surface and the axis location

Temperature and humidity. The thermal temperature should be maintained to avoid loose tolerance. Thermal fluctuations due to the constant use of the machine is also a temperature issue. Active cooling machines with temperature regulators are readily available in the market. Avoid thermal related deviations as they create a huge disparity on tolerance which in turn affects accuracy.

Metal machinability: It is the level of ease a metal can be cut and shaped to the desired design. Some metals like aluminum, gold, brass, copper, and silver have high machinability. Metals like titanium and High-carbon steels like stainless steel are difficult to machine because stainless steel contains carbides that may damage cutting tools. These types of metals are still machinable, they however require a specialized type of CNC machine that has the ability to handle their resistant nature. Machinability can be difficult to quantify since machining has many variables. These variables are categorized into two main factors, condition of work materials and physical properties of the metal.

Why accuracy is paramount when it comes to metal machining;-

  • High-level quality work with accuracy attracts positive reviews and increases business opportunities.
  • Low accuracy on expensive metals damages it and reduces its economic feasibility.
  • Machine parts interact and rely on each other, ensure compatibility and maintenance of the machine to avoid losses.

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