How Useful is Fiber Laser Cleaning?

by Tyron

Several industries across the globe are using laser surface cleaning to improve their businesses. In fact, they’ve made laser cleaning a crucial and important process of their business. The method has found route as the best overtaking the traditional methods because of its effectiveness and efficiency. Using laser rust removal machine is recommended by experts and engineers.

The other industrial cleaning methods, such as, dry-ice blasting, media blasting and the use of chemicals, come with some underlying side effects. For instance, they’re abrasive and hazardous, especially towards the environment.

Chemicals solvents were found to produce a high amount of waste that consists of hazardous solvents mixed with waste. Media blasting is abrasive to substrates, meaning it can’t be used on intricate or delicate surfaces. Moreover, like cleaning with chemicals, media blasting as well produces high levels of waste that are required to be disposed of.

Fortunately, laser cleaning brought the solution.

The major difference between laser cleaning and the other cleaning methods is the fact that laser is a nonabrasive and noncontact process. In the process, only the laser light touches and works with the surface, and the energy blasts off materials from the surface.

Another great advantage with fiber laser cleaning is that it offers great control kevels for users, meaning desired depths are achieved with accuracy. Sometimes one can argue that the final result is merely the same as other cleaning methods, but the manner in which the operation is completed makes the difference.

What are the benefits to the user?

There’re several benefits that a user benefits that include;

No Substrate Wear

The user benefits from the fact that there’s no problem with substrate wear. The reason being, there’s no chemical, mechanical, or even thermal strain placed on the substrate. In fact, it’s only the organic substrates that are affected by such a process.

Little waste is produced

Another great benefit is that little waste is produced, while the waste that’s usually leftover is not harmful compared to dust. Therefore, it’s true that the method is eco-friendly.

An Automated Process

Laser cleaning is an operator’s dream to have around. The process requires very little input from the operator. As much as it’s a factor with efficiency as well as cost benefits, it also adds some layer of safety as it removes the user from providing much support.

Moreover, it’s an excellent option as it means that most operations are completed in otherwise what seems to be a dangerous environment. Besides, operations are conducted with high accuracy as users have high control levels.

Furthermore, fiber lasers have another benefit of having the ability to get micro applications done with great efficiency. Most industries are getting their pieces, parts, and products smaller and even more complex, meaning that fiber lasers become a crucial process as it’s capable of working with micro-level applications.

Also, fiber laser cleaning comes with several other benefits such as great diode life, smaller power consumption. Moreover, less maintenance required, straightforward installation, and one system is capable of being used by several processes. It also helps increase the lifespan of surfaces.

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