Why Are CNC Press Brakes Popular in Manufacturing

by Tyron

In the past decade, press brakes have made significant development steps; they have been advanced to be more time-saving and safer than before. The modern type is incorporated with the Computer Numerical Control (CNC), giving it the name cnc press brake; the following are benefits that arise from using the modernized press brakes:

Increased efficiency

The modern press brakes enable a manufacturing company to produce more bends in a short period than the past press brakes, which previously could produce a maximum of six hundred bends per hour.

The modern press brakes such as the CNC can produce about 900 bends in one hour; moreover, they can run until the operator stops them when changing tools to work on a different design. The tool changing process is done in one step on the screen and not manually like the traditional press brakes.

They are lighter and simpler not only during installation but also in speeding up the whole manufacturing process. The different various software designs incorporated on these modern press brakes make it easy to produce high quality and unique pieces.

Advanced technology

The current technology with the modern press brakes enables the production of many pieces faster; the Automatic Dynamic Crowning enables the metal sheet angles to be uniform or similar along the bend.

The past press brakes used the trial and error method to correct the angles, which means much time was spent on detecting the right angle as the first could rarely lead to the right angle. More on the modern press brakes is that the computer can quickly detect a tiny mistake on the metal bend and alert the operator with the preferable way of correcting the error.

The past press brakes consumed a lot of time as the sole designers were required to enter planned cuts to the press brake before making the bend to avoid mistakes that arise from the cut and the bend’s closeness.

Reduced training requirements

The modern press brakes require minimal and simpler training requirements, and it does not require long experiences for the mechanists. The past press brakes required lengthy training only for setting up the machine since the whole process was highly specialized and consumed a lot of time.

With the modern press brakes, you only need basic knowledge and understanding of common things because the CNC system is programmed to guide operators on the setup process, making it possible to do for anyone.

They are equipped with special features such as barcoding, enabling workers to scan all the press brake parts, making it easy for the operators to place the right pieces in the setup process and easily reorder the machine’s sequence if its need arises without doing any of these manually.

The improvements and advancements made on press brakes have made its operation simple, time-saving and cost-effective. Many of the costs that could have been used for training and employing more staff are reinvested or even used to improve the performance of their work. Moreover, even the newest people in the industry can efficiently use modern press brakes.

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