Pros and Cons of the Electric Control Valve

by Tyron

The electric control valve is one of the most important components of a pump that cannot be neglected. The control valve is very relevant because it helps to regulate and control the flow of liquid through the pump using an electric actuator.

The main thing about this pump is that there are both the good sides and the downsides to it. A lot of individuals do not know about this but we will do our best to break it down for you in various points. Let’s dive in.


· It has the flexibility of motion control

The main reason why a lot of industry practitioners why recommend the electric control valve is may because of the flexibility of motion control of the actuators. With the electric control valve, it is one of the fastest compared to the competition.

· It is very accurate

Since the actuators are powered by electricity, it comes in highly expected. In the electric control valve, the levels of accuracy and repeatability are very much higher.

· It is highly efficient

Among every member of its class, this electric control valve has an efficiency of over 60%. This kind of efficiency cannot be found in any other type of control valve. Because of the mid-to-high efficient range, several manufacturers trust using this control valve to ensure that they get the best results in their company.

· It is the quietest in its class

When compared to other types of control valves, it is the quietest. The kind of quietness you will experience when you use this machine is unbelievable.

Whenever you need a machine that does disturb you, then the electric control l valve is the right option for you.

· It has very good acceleration and deceleration control

One good thing about this machine is that it is very difficult to just start and stop the machine suddenly. It has a good control system to enable the valve glide into its desired potion with ease.


· The Electric control valve is not suitable for all environments

Even with all these unique features in place, it is sad to know that the electric control valve is not a suitable condition. There are machines that the use of the valves will not be able to work hand-in-hand with the power rating, speed, and load of the machine. This could be a major drawback for you.

· It becomes difficult to maintain in the long run

This is what a lot of manufacturers talk about. As your manufacturing processes increases, there will always be a need for more maintenance and this maintenance cost keeps going up with time.


So, there you have it. We have shown you the pros and cons of having the electric control valve in any of your industrial or manufacturing processes. One thing you need to know is that the electric control valve is the best for your processes. However, it only applies to certain functions. If your processes are fit to work with the electric valve, then go ahead with it.

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