CNC Machines Used In CNC Machining Services

by Tyron

CNC machining services have increased in demand since it was invented. Reason the manufacturing industry is expanding the use of computer numerical control (CNC) machines. This increase in demand for CNC machining services is consistent with the migration towards automated manufacturing practices. But first note, CNC machining services use specific CNC machines to produce specific parts and products. This article will discuss different types of CNC machines and how they compare to one another.

1.CNC plasma cutting machine

CNC plasma cutting machines are primarily designed to cut out two-dimensional profiles from materials. The device uses plasma rays, which achieve a temperature of 50,000 degrees compared to a regular welding torch, which achieves up to 10,000 degrees. However, Plasma cutters do not need as much power as other CNC machines, such as the CNC router machines. Because the machine prints out two-dimension shapes, the plasma beam hovers over the material compared to other CNC machines, which drag heavy tools around a three-dimension object.

2.CNC lathe machine

CNC Lathe machines are best suited for creating cylindrical or conical shapes. This CNC machine does this by rotating materials while in operation. Compared to the CNC milling machine, the CNC lathe machine has fewer axes, making it smaller and more compact. This machine is characterized by a lathe in the center that positions materials. 

3.CNC laser cutting machine

Unlike CNC plasma cutting machine, CNC laser cutting machine uses a laser to cut through rigid materials. Rather than using a plasma torch, which is more robust, this machine uses a laser, which delivers a higher cutting accuracy level. The laser is not as heavy-duty as plasma torches. CNC laser machines use one of three kinds of lasers the CO2 laser, neodymium (Nd) laser, and the yttrium-aluminum-garnet crystal laser.

4.CNC electric discharge machine

A CNC electric discharge machine is also referred to as a spark CNC machine. It differs from other CNC machines because instead of force, this machine uses electric sparks to manipulate target material into the desired shape. Electrical energy can destabilize atoms of the target material, making it easily malleable. By producing controlled sparks, the machine reshapes materials to precision. The material is placed between two electrodes, after which the CNC machine uses the electric pulses to shape the material. 

5.CNC milling machine

CNC milling machines are the most popular CNC machines. Milling CNC machines feature a unique built-in design for tools used for drilling and cutting through blocks. The blank workpiece is placed inside the device before it is turned on, after which the computer guides the tools to drill and cut to achieve the desired shape systematically. Most of these machines come in a three to six-axis configuration design.

In Conclusion

If you are looking to get CNC machining services, you should do your research and determine which CNC machine will give you the lowest quotation for the highest quality. It would help if you also experimented with different materials to establish a low-cost production process to increase overall sales profits. Since the machines use computer input from a designed program, the chances of mistakes on the final products are low, increasing customer satisfaction.

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