Benefits of the Commercial 3D Printer

by Tyron
Commercial 3D Printer

The commercial 3D printer equally known as the CR-5 PRO 3D Printer is an upgraded version of the more popular CR-5. It has been more than just a few years since the 3D printer gained popularity. With time, adjustments have been made to the 3D printer.

These adjustments act to improve the general functioning of the printer. Newer models of the 3D printers are faster, more diverse in options of filament and are much more detailed and accurate in their printing process.

Typical examples include the 3D laser printer as well as the commercial 3D printer (CR-5 PRO 3D Printer) and many more. But for now, we will have to focus on the CR-5 PRO 3D Printer.

Unique Properties of the CR-5 PRO 3D Printer

However, unlike its predecessor (the CR-5), the CR-5 PRO 3D Printer has nozzle temperature reaching as high as 250 ᵒC. the CR-5 PRO 3D Printer hotbed temperature reaches an astonishing 100 ᵒC equally beating that of the CR-5. Additionally, the CR-5 PRO 3D Printer is compatible with the 3D printer enclosure.

This means that the interior printing temperature when using the CR-5 PRO 3D Printer together with the corresponding 3D printer enclosure will be stable. This stability is essential. This is because a rapid drop in temperature could result in warping. Another benefit of this pairing (the CR-5 PRO 3D Printer and the 3D printer enclosure) is the use of certain materials.

Some printing materials are not to be used randomly such as PLA, PETG, ABS as well as TPU. This especially applies to the ABS and TPU. This commercial 3D printer allows the usage of these materials (as long as the printer is enclosed).

The commercial 3D printer has excellent bed adhesion. It is not excessively sticky, however, it is firm enough at the same time. This is because the bed adhesion uses a Carborundum glass platform installation. This unique feature ensures that the prints are held firmly, but at the same time can be removed easily. This also ensures that the first layer is as flat as possible.

The commercial 3D printer is equipped with sensors and parts that grant it smarter supportive attributes or functions than previous models. These attributes include the ability to begin printing from wherever it stopped if power was interrupted for whatever reason.

It also has a sensor to indicate when the filament is about to run out. Not to mention the LED light which serves to show the real-time printing process.

Another outstanding property is the large printing size of about 300*225*380MM. With a larger printing size, you have more space to work with.

The Specifications of the Commercial 3D Printer

A few of the vital specs include:

  1. Machine Size: 530*487*612mm
  2. Machine Weight: 32.6kg
  3. Net Weight: 38.8kg
  4. Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
  5. Print Mode:  Online- Printing

Offline- SD Card

  • Motherboard: Silent Motherboard
  • Printing Speed: 50-80mm per second (mm/s)


Based on the specifications given and the unique features, we can see that the commercial 3D printer is keeping up with modern technology. You’d want to be part of

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