Top applications of planetary gearbox

by Tyron
planetary gearbox

The advancement of technology continues to propel innovations across various industries. Often, it’s easy to forget that some of these innovations are reliant on existing technologies. Take, for example, The planetary gearbox is heavily used in 3D printing as well as robotics. The planetary gearbox powers some of these appliances via an aligned input and output shaft.

The torque density generated from the alignment of the input and output shaft is transferred to the appliance for higher speed and efficiency. You must have come across several devices where the planetary gearbox is being applied without necessarily paying attention. This article points out some of the top applications of this technology.

Press brakes

This machine Pressing tool is used in bending sheet metals and plate materials. The bending angle is determined by the pressing action of a bending punch against a sheet metal into a die. Press brakes are usually controlled by CNC machines that guarantee efficiency in metal bending and rolling. The planetary gearbox serves the purpose of ensuring precision in the positioning of the metal plates. In the case of more complex shapes, the planetary gearbox can be used to control the plates severally between bends.

Operating tables

In the medical field, the emphasis is placed on the precision of all the tools being used; this could go a long way in influencing the outcome of specific medical procedures. One of the areas where accuracy plays a vital role is the operating tables in surgical rooms. The table is needed to be positioned accurately before and during any procedure. The traditional methods used in placing the table have been replaced with more efficient ones, one that’s powered via a planetary gearbox.

Laser cutting tools

This area of cutting also requires as much precision as possible, especially when it comes to positioning the item to be cut. Modern laser cutting tools are equipped with a planetary gearbox that helps guarantee high precision as well as repeat accuracy. Furthermore, the laser cutting tool generates minimal noise due to its efficient cutting capacity.

Automated Guided vehicles

These automotive vehicles are deployed in warehouses as well as manufacturing facilities in lifting load without having a driver. AGVs can carry loads across the floor of the warehouse without human intervention or supervision. In many ways, the production line of companies benefits from the capability of the appliance to deliver materials without interruption. Planetary gearboxes are installed in AGVs to generate more than enough torque for its operations.

3D printers

One of the most adopted innovations in recent history is the 3D printing technology. The technology involves the creation of solid objects via the printing action of a 3D printer connected to a computer. The printers are designed for utmost efficiency, and the planetary gearbox provides it with the needed torque.

Final thoughts

Planetary gear reducers and gearboxes have a wide-ranging application in industries like construction, medical equipment production, and textile. The tool increases efficiency by generating optimal torque and distributing it to the system. 

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