Applications of CNC machining in various industries

by Tyron

CNC machining is a popular and highly used form of subtractive manufacturing. CNC machining can be divided into four primary stages. They are creating a CAD design, converting the CAD file to a CNC program, setting up and executing the operation. CNC machining parts are fundamental in the processes mentioned above. In this post, we discuss CNC machining applications.

Industries where CNC technology is applied

Below are some industries where CNC machining is applied;

1. Aerospace

In the Aerospace industry, CNC machining has been applied for a very long time. CNC machining technology is used in the manufacture of metal aircraft components. The technology is particularly essential for metal components that require a high level of precision. For instance, CNC machines are used to manufacture engine mounts, fuel flow components, and fuel access panels, to name a few.

2. Automotive

In the automotive industry, CNC machining is used for prototyping and production. Components like cylinder blocks, gearboxes, valves, and axels can be made from extruded metal using this production form. Using CNC technology, plastic materials can also be machined into a wide range of components like gas gauges and dashboard panels. Many practitioners in the automotive industry use CNC technology to make custom parts.

3. Oil and gas

In the oil and gas industry, CNC technology is used to make machine parts that fit well together and operate for a long time. Durability, accuracy, and strength of the parts are essential in this oil industry because oil machines operate for long periods.

Note, such factors are critical because they help prevent accidents, leakages, and inefficiency in production. Custom CNC machining is also applied in manufacturing oil and gas parts that need superior tolerance, dependability, and intricate detailing. Pins, rods, pistons, and drill bits are commonly manufactured using CNC manufacturing.

4. Military and defense

In this sector, flexible and reliable technologies are mandatory when manufacturing parts. They are required to ensure that the parts can withstand the harshest terrains. The government demands that the military and defense industry meet strict measures in production.

Therefore, practitioners in this sector invest in modern CNC machining solutions. Through custom CNC machining, large parts can get fashioned from various alloys and durable metals. This technology is used to produce electronics, plane parts, communication tools, and transportation components used in the military and defense sector.

5. Electronics

CNC machining is used to manufacture consumer electronics like laptops and smartphones. It is also used to create PCBs, fixtures, housings, and jigs, among other electronic components.

6. Medical

In the medical industry, CNC machining is used to make disposable surgical tools. Monitoring devices, MRI machine parts, implants, and orthotic devices, among several other components. CNC production is widely used in the medical industry because it manufactures highly precise tools at high speed. The technology also allows manufacturers to make several parts within minimal time.

Other industries where CNC machining is applied include;

  • The marine industry
  • Aviation industry


CNC machining is a modern and trendy method of subtractive production. Therefore, if you are looking to stay relevant, you need to know the technology. Acquiring this information shouldn’t be difficult because CNC machining is not as intricate as most people think.

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